Dahi Studio

Dahi Studio is a consulting services group providing leading-edge solutions to the industry’s most challenging projects. Our clients include architects, engineers, contractors, and owners working across the globe. Dahi’s skillful, passionate and creative team members, develop ideas and present appropriate solutions to the clients’ unique professional ambitions in an innovative environment. What follows are the major services we can provide for our clients.

Architectural Computation

There is no boundary to designers’ imaginations yet they can only opt for ideas they can draw and they can present what they can visualize. When human abilities alone do not suffice, the overwhelming processing power of computers come to their aid. Computers provide us with limitless possibilities that were only imaginary before. Taking advantage of what digital devices have to offer, we can now accomplish tasks on large scale, with high precision, in no time.


For those who have enough courage to question the conventional ways in which their products are manufactured, there is always an appropriate answer, a way to raise their product's quality to a higher level. Thinking out of the box will reveal extraordinary options to us, options we never knew ever existed. Designing new products innovatively usually may seem impossible, but with passion and persistent we can prove otherwise.


Gaining knowledge and experiences and sharing them in a collaborative way is the core concept of our teachings. In our workshops, everyone can achieve something beyond their expectations through contemplation, cooperation, and trial and error. In our architectural software courses, we teach practical methods of algorithmic design, 3d modeling and visual presentation principles, with this in mind that the learning process is cumulative and needs lots of patience and practice.


What good will it be our ideas if we are not able to share them? Talking through Images have always been and continue to be the most common way of communication amongst designers and artists. The best way of sharing our thoughts and concepts is to visualize them in a coherent way. Knowing the grammar of this visual language is essential for the progression of the design process. Properly visualized ideas will pave the way for both the clients and artists to understand each other’s needs perfectly.


Through research, we explore the endless realm of science and technology to further improve art and architecture. The knowledge obtained through this careful study will lead us to develop new ideas and achieve novel approaches to design and construction. The thirst for knowledge gives us enough strength to overcome any obstacle along the way. We don’t know where these new paths lead us but the journey itself is all that matters.

Fab Lab

To extend architects and engineers capabilities in computer-aided design and manufacture, Dahi Studio established their fabrication laboratory "Digital Craft House" in the University of Art, Karaj campus. Provided with CNC milling machine, laser cutter, 3D printers as well as common crafting tools, this workshop allows everyone to experience new ideas, fine-tune their design, and create excellent prototypes.

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