Architectural Computation

Some of the most important architectural computation projects in which Dahi has been or is involved are presented in this page. Projects or events that have been supervised or carried out solely by Dahi members are separated from the ones to which Dahi members contributed their skills and knowledge. The latter projects are often large-scale projects which are either constructed or being constructed with the cooperation of various engineering companies benefiting from their unique sets of abilities. In such projects, the way we managed to come to aid is explained in each case.

Featured Projects

Cloaked in Bricks

Architectural Computing / 2014

Adib Currency Exchange

Architectural Computing / 2017

Iran Mall

Architectural Computing / 2016

Dr. Moshiri Clinic

Architectural Computing / 2017

Vakif Bank Financial Center

Architectural Computing / 2018

Atlas Mall

Architectural Computing / 2017

MOT Tower

Architectural Computing / 2017

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